Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving day starts as the traditions begin. Princess and Bear whip up some yummy Cinnamon roles while the rest of the clan sit to enjoy the Macy's parade.

The food prep begins and lasts most of the day.  I was so tired this Thanksgiving that while everyone else was cooking I was napping.  No pictures.  I helped set the food out to look inviting to our guest.   Mr and Mrs. KP would join us.

After some pictures outside we came back in to start our dinner. 
Everything was wonderful and the company was fabulous. 

In the end we were most thankful for each other.  The gifts of family is so precious.  We also had found out that we were again expecting.  Another T on the way.  If I could only stay awake to enjoy.  I tell you what after the turkey I was right back into nap world. 

I hope that each of you got enjoy your Thanksgiving day with loved ones. 

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