Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Feast of St.Nicholas

 You may not be able to tell from this poor quality photo but those stockings are filled with treats.  The Feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated in our home because we just love this precious Saint.  The modern day Santa Clauses based on this man's generosity and love of Christ and fellow man.  It was another Saint that brought the gift giving to Christmas but he doesn't get much of the credit for being part of the spirit of Santa.  We will talk about Good King Wencelas later but for today it is St. Nicholas that we ask to pray for us.  The traditions of leaving out a shoe or a stocking go back so many years.  I feel a little like we are connecting with past and all those holy souls as we do this simple thing. 

 Jumba had a hard time waiting for everyone to get together so we could look in the stockings.  Our family rules are that everyone must be there.  Jumba was so upset with his sleepy big siblings and I had to take Bagel in for her last appointment on her arm.  (She is healed, thank God.)

Jumba was happy to help me pass out the stockings and giggled as each treat fell out of his stocking.  What I loved most was watching all the older kiddos get joy out of celebrating with him.  I know that next year things will be very different and yet I gained so much peace about those additions when I watched how loving my kiddos are. 
St. Nicholas, Please pray for us!

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