Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day Eleven - Friends, Zoo, GodFather

The day started with meeting Miss Connie for Breakfast.

She is my dear friends and it was wonderful to have the time to chat.

From there we met a BIC coworker and his family. They drove in from IL and we started with Lunch at Rigazzi's on the Hill.  YUM!
After a delicious lunch and a meeting of the two families we headed to the zoo.  This was a special day for Jumba because Mr. S is his God Father.  They had never met, he was God Father by proxy. 
Mr. S and Mrs. S also have two kiddos.  We had a blast getting to know them.

And seeing the sights of the zoo.

(I know that the tree doesn't make the zoo special but I love the colors so much!)

My pretty girls.

This bird cage was built for the 1904 Worlds Fair.  We still get to walk through it today.  That is just way cool.

A great day with great people.
Jumba was in awe of his wonderful God Father.  Mr. S and his Family were wonderful.  It was a great day.  This was a perfect way to end our trip.  So much fun.

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