Friday, November 4, 2011

Day Ten - Shrine to St. Rose Philippe Duchesne and Fr. Tom's

Our Friday plans were still in the air. We thought we would take Goobers to check out a few colleges, but I was concerned about what we would do with the little ones.  Then Fr. Tom called to invite us to First Friday Home School Mass that he helps with.  It was at the Old St. Ferdinand Church which is now a historic shrine dedicated to St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. 

Fr. sits on the board that helps with the preservation of  this very precious place.  We got the tour and I was in heaven.  I love my faith and I love history. 

 There was a little closest under those stairs that were particularly special.  St. Rose Philippine Duchesne would spend her nights on a small pillow type bed under those stairs.  They say that she rarely slept but prayed all the time.  Father told us that the Indian children would put leaves on her skirt when she was before the Blessed Sacrament and then come back the next day to find that she had not moved enough to move one single leaf.  She was a teacher and Lover of children and her faith.  A woman I can relate to.

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne . . . Pray For Us. 

 After that wonderful morning treat we headed to Fr. Tom's place again where he passed out gifts for the kiddos. 

 Then to the parking lot to make messes and get rolling. 

Fr. Tom did everything he could to make this a perfect visit for the kiddos.  Thank you sir, we love you so much.  Now is the hardest part for us and our family and friends.  The visit is winding down so now we much start the good byes.  My heart is aching already.  I love this town and these people.  One more day to make the most of it and then we travel to Houston.  God be with us!

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  1. Neen,

    Your visit has been so blessed! I'm so very happy for you. I know it's hard to say goodbye...I hate doing it every at the end of every trip I make. And although I live so much closer to STL than you do...I just can't seem to get home enough for my liking!

    Wishing you very safe travels.



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