Sunday, October 16, 2011

A young child's 'bucket list'

A few months back the young kiddos heard dad and mom talking about wanting to sell our home. They decided that they needed to sleep in every room of the house before that happened. I don't know why but sometimes in a large family even silly ideas can catch on.

They spent one night on the floor of the Dinning Room. They had to be uncomfortable, but they did it.   They were now ready for the next adventure.

They had attempted the kitchen floor twice before. It was not meant to be. This idea did not die like I thought for sure it would. I gave in and let them plan the big night. They cleaned and prepared. About 11:00 P.M. someone saw a bug and everyone started screaming and yelling. Dad came storming out of the bedroom to remind them that if there was a bug in the house it would probably end up in the kitchen. (duh)  He tried to send them to bed. They found and killed the bug while getting permission to try again. "I hope dad lets us stay in here, we are so so so close to actually doing it."

Dad gave in and they stuck it out. They fell back to sleep and stayed asleep until around 9A.M.  The older kids were forbidden to make fun of them. (No one understood the goal.)
I knew it was all worth it with Jumba knocked on my shower door the next morning.
"Hey mom!"  he cheered as he knocked.
I opened the door a crack so that I could see his face. He looked me in the eye with biggest grin I have ever seen from him.

"Did ya hear? WE DID IT!"

I gave him a high five before getting back to my shower. I still do not understand the goal but it was very cool to see the four little ones give themselves something to look forward to, something to work for, something to enjoy, something to accomplish together and now something to celebrate! I love it!

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