Saturday, October 1, 2011


I won't even begin to pretend to understand this crazy tradition of mums that is so big in Texas. The school kids make each other or themselves creations that include a mum. They add ribbons, teddy bears, symbols and anything else one can add to that. They look crazy and usually include personalized items. Bear was invited to homecoming for the local public school. Meaning he was asked to escort a girl to the dance on Saturday night but also to the football game on Friday night. Goobers helped him make a mum for the young lady and she made one for Bear. The tradition is to wear the mum to school on the day of the game.
Sugar and Goobers also went to the game with Kat.
No mums here but Sugar was also going to the dance with Kat and her group of friends.
The game was a good one, I hear with our local team winning.  Yeah Oak!
My cute homeschool kiddos like to try out the traditions.  I have to laugh as I listen to each of them point out how silly the traditions are.
The mums looked good even if I think they are silly.  Bear's date wore her mum to school that day.  The two wore them for pictures and then left them behind when they headed to the game. 
Goobers ran into Bear at the game.
All in all everyone had a fun night at the game. The home team won. Most importantly no actual mums were hurt in this tradition, only artificial mums are used so that one can save the beauty for ever.


  1. Aaaah, you crazy Texans!!! :) Everything down there is so BIG! Is the Mum a Texas flower? It sure is a cute tradition...there could be worse things to decorate! I think it's sweet that your kiddos love to try out the traditions...and then laugh at the frivolity of it all!!!


  2. The flower is nothing special, Chrysanthemum. Texas - a crazy place to live. lol


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