Friday, September 30, 2011

Rough Thursday

I overslept last Thursday and woke up feeling a need to get moving. Some of the kiddos were up and running around and I figured I better hurry up to keep control of the household. J was flying home and we would need to retrieve him from the airport after school work and cleaning the house. As I was trying to dress complete chaos erupted in the household and it took me hours to figure out what was happening.  Someone had fallen down and hurt an arm but I was not understanding what everyone was yelling and crying about as I stood there with my towel wrapped around me. In my moment of clarity I decided to recruit Pooker's help. She is working at becoming a nurse and often is very level headed about injuries. "Someone stop Pooker before she heads to visit UST. Ask her to help us."

I  threw on the nearest clothes.  Not the best choice considering I grabbed long sleeves and jeans, it was over 100 degrees outside. I emerged from my bathroom to discover the chaos was at the same level with two more people added to the mix. Pooker returned inside with the next door neighbor Mr. KP to help us in this emergency. I deduced quickly that Bagel was the injured party because she was sitting on the couch with her arm in a sling and everyone else stood over her crying. I wasn't so sure we were headed to the ER like the crowd was yelling because I could see that her life was not in danger. She was breathing just fine and there was not any blood. "How about we call the doctor first," I offered while still trying to figure out what happened. Both Pooker and Mr. KP told me we were going to the ER. I figured I would trust them because they seamed much more alert than I felt at that moment.

I grabbed my bag and we headed out the door. In car I was alone with Bagel. Pooker was following in her car so she could pick up dad from the airport when needed and Mr. KP was sent home but promised to stay alert in case. Goobers was given the impossible task of calming the natives. Not sure how she did it, everyone was crying and I still couldn't understand why. This is when I learned what had happened. They were all running in the house. Apparently they race from front door to the back. Bagel ran and fell hitting her arm on the bottom rung of the stairs. I asked what she tripped on or who pushed and really this was just as simple misstep.

Bagel was in a lot of pain but asked an odd question. "Does Pooker love me as much as she loves her boyfriend?" I responded telling her that Pooker loved them both and that Bagel's health was very important. Pooker would always be there to take care of her when she needed her to." Later that afternoon it would become clear that Bagel really just misses having Pooker around all the time. She felt very loved having her sister with her in the ER.

We arrived and I was still wondering why we were there and not at the doctor's office. When the doctor came in the room Bagel lost it. She was scared to death and I couldn't figure out why. The doctor looked at her arm and asked me when she had last eaten. I knew that meant they were putting her under for some reason but I kept thinking "it is just an arm". It wasn't until Bagel calmed down and explained that she didn't want to die (her only other experience with the ER is her appendicitis). This was nothing; compared to that, I assured her. Her life was not in danger at all.

Then she wanted to know if the hospital would be able to make her arm look pretty again. I told her that wasn't an issue. Then I saw the arm for the first time. Oh My goodness!!!!  I about passed out it looked so bad. The pictures do not do it justice. Her arm was resting on the table for the ex-ray and then half way down the arm took a sharp turn up and over again with her wrist not resting but in mid air about one entire inch off of the table. It looked very deformed.

After reviewing the ex-ray and getting dad on the phone we went ahead with the procedure.  They started the IV and had Bagel fall asleep, she was still breathing on her own and I am told she wasn't under that far.  She would respond to the pain but not feel it and wouldn't remember.  Pooker stayed in the room, I didn't want to watch.  I waited until she was asleep and then walked away.
They pulled the bones straight and then set them.  Wrapping her arm in a huge splint to hold it still but to allow for the swelling that was coming.  It took hours for her to wake up all the way after the arm was set.

When she was first waking up she asked why we were in the water, and what kind of boat we were in.  Pooker and I were laughing so hard that we cried when we looked up to see what she was looking at.  Then she asked why they cut off her thumb because she couldn't see it.  Goofy kid. 

Pooker did not leave her side until we were getting ready to leave the hospital.  It was a long day for sure but I was so happy to see my oldest and youngest girls being so close to each other. 

This little one had many care takers when we arrived at home.  They had all seen the arm and were so grossed out by it.  They each told her how brave she was and how much they loved her.  It is not an everyday occurrence at our home but it was a wonderful thing to see. 

As Bagel got better she became more and more active. She kept bumping the arm and causing more pain.
I was happy when the smile came back a few days later. We were still unsure what the orthopedic doctor would say but at least the pain was going down and she was happy again.

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  1. Ouch! Poor little one. Extra prayers for your family tonight. The x-rays were graphic enough for me...I'm not sure I could have handled "better" pictures! LOL

    Tell Bagel the Kueters say "get better soon!" Mary and I will add her to our prayers tonight!


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