Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Six - The Park and Halloween


We stopped by the park on our way celebrate Halloween.  I LOVE all the colors.

After the park we went to Nanny and Gramps's house.  It was so cool sharing this special time with all these special kiddos.
These are two cousins that are best buddies,

Gramps is so cool he let the little ones roast their hot dogs. 

We had a great bunch for Trick or Treating (Love those kiddos). 

Dad and his brother, now both dads, have a blast.

After trick or treating, we headed down to Nanny and Gramp's new fire pit to make S'mores.  Yummy.

On the other side of town my older ones were hanging with friends.  I texted Goobers and was shocked by the repose.

me: How are you all doing?
Goober:  Not well, we are dead.
me:  OK, how do you look?
Goober:  Horrible, we are dead!

They make cute zombies. 

Dad and I had fun with Dad's family and the little ones, the big ones had a blast with Fr. Tom and their friends.  I hate that this year we were separated but it was a wonderful day!

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