Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day four - Communion and St. Louis Party with Fr. Tom

So the day began with the Sacramental Marathon including Baptism, Confession and Communion.  The Great morning turned into also a wonderful afternoon and fantastic evening.
Fr. Tom planned a get together with all the people that had gone on the March for Life with my kiddos from the year before.  He had food brought in from all the St. Louis special places.  Everything here is something that I know St. Louis by.  YUMMY!  It was like having all my favorite treats all together in one special spot.  Oh my goodness it was fun!!!!

 I think that every one's favorite part was playing spoons.  I hear that Fr. Tom might be a cheater.  He claimed that he later found a spoon under the table so I wonder . . .

I do not think that the rectory was ever that dirty but we sure had a blast.  Thank you so much to all the nice people that helped make this happen, to those that joined in the fun and to Fr. Tom for putting it all together so that we would feel so loved here in St. Louis.

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