Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bagel Update - hard cast off

We went to the doctor this week. Bagel was planning what kind of cast she wanted this time. We brought Possible with us so she could see the office people that she grew to love over the summer. The visit started with Mr. Nick removing the old cast. Bagel was brave and sat very still. Then got very nervous.
She didn't want to look at her arm and was afraid to move it at the elbow. She sat very very still until after her x-ray. She was thrilled to learn that is was healing really well.
'Bagel was a tad upset that she wasn't going to need another cast.
The doctor opted for a brace. It can be removed and cleaned. She is allowed to take it off to shower as well. That will help in keeping Bagel clean. The problem was the limited color choices. She had big dreams and now the colors were limited.
I love the brace she picked. It will a very colorful choice to wear with her white First Holy Communion dress next week. Got to love it. Her arm is healing and it will be a beautiful day even with the colorful cast.

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