Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting organized.

Years ago they told me that it would get worse as they got older.  I couldn't imagine how that would be true.  I had 4 small children that were very close in age and a husband that worked all the time.  How could it get worse.  Fast forward 15 or so years.  It isn't worse at all but I do miss the days when Bear would let me hug him and Pooker asked for my opinion but now a days it is hard to get everyone where they need to be.  I have resorted to this.  If it isn't on the chalk board, it doesn't happen.   .    .  Does it work?   Yes it helps but it isn't magic.  At least I know what I am up against when the day starts and people need to be everywhere at one time.


  1. I started to comment, yesterday, but then my computer logged me out b/c I had connected to you thru your FB posting. I hate when the computer thinks it's smarter than me! LOL

    Anyway, I wondered how your organized so many people. Not that you have time...but have you ever watched any of the 19 and Counting episodes on TLC? I'm not a huge fan of reality TV...I sort of feel like my life is enough reality on most days... ;0 but she's got some good tips for household management/homeschooling mgmt that seem to work.

    I know they're not Catholics, but so few of us have the size of families :( that you do!

    BTW...I love your side-bar profile (I think it's been updated since I've been away..."we're not a perfect family...I just won't post the bad stuff"! Love it!


  2. Val, there was a lday in my homeschool group that was needing help. She couldn't understand why I was not bending over backwards to come help her with her life. When I asked her what she meant she implied that my life was so together I owed it to others to help them. After my husband stop laughing at that thought I decided that I need to remind others that we are not together. In that same respect I don't plan to "advertise" our faults either.

    I have watched those shows to get ideas. I might be a better mom if a camera crew followed my moves. LOL


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