Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet 16 Party Time

Our family tradition is not to have big birthday parties each year. We have our family and that is often celebration enough. We can't overlook the big ones though. Turning 16 is a huge deal so that one we try to go all out. Goober's Sweet 16 was no different. The party took place several weeks after her birthday because mom didn't have her act together.
Goobers wanted a swim party that reflected her love of the summer. This girl so enjoys the summer months in the sun and wearing a swim suit. We reserved a neighborhood pool and pavilion and prepared to have a blast.
All those television shows about a girl and her Sweet 16 don't even begin to apply to the kind of party Goobers wanted. As you see her outfit was her swim suit covered by her beautiful blue top with her Cowgirl boots and hat to top it off. We added the crown to make sure it was noticed that today was just that special. She felt like a princess, a Cowgirl princess, but a princess non the less. (I can brag here a little also - SHE LOOKED GORGEOUS!)

We added all of her favorite foods and included the chocolate fountain with tons of fresh fruits for dipping .

My kiddos looked fantastic. They had worked hard to prepare for the party and then were ready to party with Goobers.

We were so blessed to share the day with so many special friends. New friends and old friends alike. We owe each of you a huge thank you for sharing that special time with us.
We enjoyed the company of home school friends, pool friends, church friends, swim team friends, neighborhood friends, life guard friends, and anyone else that we could think of.

Dad and Mr. T worked hard to get the food going and it was so yummy. Everything was grilled to perfection.

The favorite time had to be the time in the pool. We were blessed to have good guards watching as the rest of us splashed around.

We had a blast and we think all of Goobers friends did as well!

Cake time wasn't until about 9:30 and yet we still had a huge crowd. So much fun!

Then the dancing started. Once you get this crowd going it is hard to stop.

Any Texas T celebration is always a family event, even a Sweet 16 party. Goobers had friends of all ages there so we were sure to include a Pinata. Dad and I were thrilled when we found the Cowboy hat - It really was too perfect. BLUE and COWBOY.

The night ended too soon in many ways. WE loved sitting around talking with the teens and the adults. It was a perfect night when our precious daughter came up and hugged her mom and dad. She thanked us, telling us that the night had been perfect. We were so happy as we fell asleep that night with the new memories of friends and our beautiful daughter. She really has become a gracious, kind, and loving young woman.

Happy Sweet 16 Goobers!

Please know that your mom and dad could not be prouder of you.

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