Saturday, August 21, 2010

Princess is 8!!!

Another August birthday. Our precious Princess turned 8 years old. She was so excited about her birthday it drove the rest of us crazy. There was a huge count down, then hourly reminders and the day of she greeted everyone with her arms extended while saying "Ta Duh!"Her siblings did not let her down. They decorated and celebrated, giving her very special hand picked gifts first thing that morning. We ended up spending the day with friends at the pool. It wasn't for her birthday but in the end they got her some special looking cupcakes and celebrated with us after a dinner of pizza. Princess so wonderful and it was great that she was OK sharing her day with all of our friends in the Snow family (separate post).
Happy b-day to our special Princess. We love you so-so much!

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  1. I think a "couple" of people realllly like the month of November at your house! LOL We do Luke really had a August due date and Mary Catherine is an August birthday as well!

    Loved the Sweet 16 post! What a wonderful tribute to your daughter to see all those friends and family members there!

    And a very happy birthday to Princess!



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