Monday, July 5, 2010

St. Louis Time with Neen's family

We do love so many things about Houston. We miss a couple of major things from being in St. Louis. One is the change of season. I so miss the winter months. Houston is hot too much of the time. The real thing we miss is family. I grew up close to my extended family (so did J). My aunt and my mom were close so we grew up knowing that we were cousins but it felt more like older siblings. I miss my cousins so much and now their kiddos. Mimi was gracious enough to invite everyone over to see us on Sunday afternoon. There was plenty of room for these three to sleep and yet they were piled on top of each other. This picture cracks me up.

My brother made J and I feel so special by making a point to greet us when we arrived and say goodbye the night before we left. He wanted to see his nieces and nephews and wanted me to have plenty of time with his young man. Oh my goodness I fell in love with Tristan immediately. He is so adorable, he is also polite and kind. He even let his crazy aunt NeeNee (me) give him tons of kisses and hugs even though we just met. I loved it. I also enjoyed watched T-man and Jumba play together.
Mimi now lives right next door to KeeKee. The advantage was that the kiddos could play with the play set after a quick jump over the fence.
By Sunday night many of the cousins and our friends had stopped by to play with us.
J and my cousin Bill BBQ ed and we all enjoyed a nice summer meal.
KeeKee and Uncle Mike had been out of town with Tim and Emily. They joined us on Sunday, it was a real treat to be around my sister and her family. They really are great people. (Cathy pic)
(Cathy pic) (Cathy Pic)
(Cathy Pic)
We skyped the kiddos at home so they were also part of the the party. I missed them so much at that point. They remember cousin time.

Miss Brenda was there. (Cathy pic)

Fr. Keller was there. (Cathy pic)

Cousin love. (Cathy pic)

This is me with my God Child Erin. She is one of my cousin Cathy's children. I was so amazed at how mature and grown up she has become. Erin is very special to me and it was wonderful spending some precious time chatting with her.

I think that these two would be good friends if we lived closer. Tristan is a real honey and it was wonderful getting to know him and spend time with him.

(Cathy pic)

(Uncle Mike's mom passes away the night before. Please remember The Repose of her soul. She was a feisty and wonderful person. We love her for having given us Uncle Mike. May Gina Rest now in His Peace!)


  1. Hi there!

    Looks like you are having a blast at "home". I still think of STL as my "home" even though KC is only a mere 4-hours away!

    Cousins...such lovely people in our lives. My cousins are now spread out all across America, but when everyone still lived in Detroit (where my mom and dad are originally from) I LOVED spending the nights at various cousins homes. (My mom was the youngest of 6 kids so I am one of 19 grandchildren/cousins!!!) I *heart* big families and am so glad that I at least get to have THREE!!!!!

    Anyway, hope your return trip home is safe. I'll be keeping the Texas Ts in my thoughts and prayers!


  2. That takes me back to trips to Tx. for family time when I was little! Looks like a great time!

  3. I love the picture of the adults talking over the backyard fence. That's how I grew up and I miss that! We barely ever see neighbors with the big, wooden stock-ade fenced in yards here keeping everyone isolated. Awww, the good 'ole days! Glad you had fun on your trip.


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