Saturday, July 3, 2010

The cutest kiddos!

As much as we loved the time with the adults the night before J and I really longed to see all the kiddos. Seeing them made us wish our whole family was there as well. J is six years older than the next sister, so it took many years for anyone else on his side of the family to start their families. We have lived 750 plus miles away since they were all born. This is the part that is the hardest on us. J has always valued his relationship with his sisters and brothers. When we heard that they were all planning a little pool time to keep cool the next morning we invited ourselves to visit. I only wish we had more time with them. The kiddos would have loved to swim with cousins and we would have enjoyed even more time with the sisters and sister-in-law watching the babies and talking family talk. Here is peek into our time.
Aunt Nikki and Liam
J with his God son George
Aiden and Allie are very close cousins.
Princess and Brady J in the middle of all those kiddos loving every second of it.
Bagel and Princess getting to know George.
What you can't see is J with the water gun.
Liam tires to fight back.
Aiden and Allie stop the fight to pose for the picture.
Liam is learning how to quickly shoot.
Liam is trying to get Uncle J while J is getting Aiden.

Jumba so wishes we had his suit.
George is so happy to be swimming.
George and Brady enjoy some splashes.
Maybe it runs in the blood to enjoy swimming so much.
Liam kicking back to take a break with a Popsicle.
Those were wonderful Popsicles. They were huge and very flavorful. Jumba's tip fell off just after this picture. Bagel made me so proud when she jumped up and traded with him to keep him from getting upset. She also picked the broken piece off the ground to put in the trash. All without being asked. I watched and swelled with motherly pride.
George loved to float.
Allie is so grown up.
Allie and Princess
Uncle J still bugging Aiden (He used to pick on his sister Nikki - Aiden's mom)

This was the most fun hour at the pool in a long time. J and I loved meeting, hugging and kissing all those nieces and nephews. It made us miss our home town so much. Our three little ones had so much fun handing out with their cousins and we so wish we could do it more often.

We love you guys. Thanks for playing with us.

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