Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Way to Go Bagel

We were not even sure if this little lady would swim this year at all. After her appendicitis and then the huge infection we worried that she would refuse to swim. This past week was our first away meet and for a home body that is small, away pools can be very scary. Well she did it and did very well. She dropped time in both her strokes and the coaches noted all her efforts. She came home from practice grinning from ear to ear. She has won CUDA OF THE WEEK. The prize is the bright green swim cap with the title. This is a big deal for Cudas and we are most proud of her!
Way to go Bagel.


  1. Yeah, Bagel! I have a niece that swims; the first year she swam her mom had to explain to her that it was more important that she improved every time, not that she beat everybody else!

  2. Great job, Bagel! It's Kaitlyn's first year too & sometimes she gets nervous. We'll see you on Saturday!!!

  3. Congratulations, Bagel!
    ... but please cut us (The Hurricanes) some slack when we swim at your place in a couple of weeks. :)
    The Kloesels

  4. what a courageous and spunky Cuda she is!! go girl go!


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