Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It was different!

The pools are open. Summer is here. It is time to spend with our neighbors and friends around the pools. I won't sugar coat it, this year is different. It is not easy this year at all with Linda gone. We all miss her so much. Larry and J made the plans. The meat was prepared. They even transported the grill.
As always the food was delicious and the weather was nice for only a short time. As usual a storm rolled in, with no rain but lots of thunder breaks.
We laughed and smiled as we got the food out and ready to enjoy.
Our life guard was especially nice. Love you Goobers.
All the kids got in right away to enjoy the pool.
The smiles were all around.Soon the food was ready and thunder was heard.
I am often asked how the T family is doing after loosing their mom. It isn't easy on them at all. They ache for her at times. It is the simple smells and actions that set them into tears. BUT they are doing great. They know that Linda is watching us from her heavenly home. They all know that she is happy and that someday we will get to join her. Kat and T-man are wonderful little people. It hurts, it isn't fair; but it is what it is. They are not being brave or strong they are just living the best that they can. They still smile and they still laugh. I am very impressed with their compassion for those around them, no matter what. My dear friend, my kids miss your positive comments around the pool. J misses your cooking. I miss the talks about anything and everything. My Texas T family needs to thank you for sharing your T family with us. Thank you for all those stories of faith that I hold in my heart. They spill out just when someone needs to hear words of inspiration. You are still changing lives of those around. Your faith has deepened mine. Linda, it is times like this that I miss you the most.

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