Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goober's Steller Gift from Fr. Keller

After dinner most of us headed to the park. This man had a plan and was putting it in action. Not knowing the plan drove Bear insane. Goobers and Pooker went home as we found out to pick up Goobers gift for Confirmation. It just happened to be 4 giant-3-man sling shots with 500 water balloons. Did I mention that Fr. Tom is a kid at heart?
WE played and waited.
We talked and fell into the lake. (and waited)
We climbed and goofed off.
(and waited.)
Once Pooker and Goobers arrived with their friends the fun began all over again.
Sides were chosen and sling shots loaded.

Electronics were hidden and the fun began.
Our other guests were a little shocked that they should be shooting water balloons at a priest but it was his idea.
No one got too wet until the end when we grabbed the balloons that were left and took off for hand to hand combat.

Life with Fr. Tom around is an adventure.

Don't worry we never really shot the baby

This smile from Princess sums up our joy from the day. Thanks to Goobers for sharing her wonderful present from Fr. Tom.

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