Friday, April 23, 2010

To Narnia (The Exhibit)

How does a family celebrate the thrill of reading through a series of books?
Well you plan a field trip that's how. Since Narnia is a fictional place we felt very lucky to discover that a local museum was hosting an exhibit based on the the two movies The Lion, The Witch and and The Wardrobe and Prince Caspian.

We had loved the first movie but didn't love the second after we read the book

There were no pictures allowed inside the gate so we tried to get some outside. Just behind those gates was a collection and short visual history of C. S. Lewis. His desk and such were there to look at. It was very exciting.
Here we are with about 50 of our home school friends from the Bread of Life group anxiously waiting to go into the gates then into the big Wardrobe doors. The girls could see the doors from this point. It felt a little (mind you, I said "a little") like Christmas morning. They can see the wardrobe and can't wait to go in; but they are being as patient as possible.
Once inside we got to walk into the Wardrobe doors and into snow falling. If the room wasn't hot it would have been more exciting. It looked like snow. We saw the lamppost used in the movies right away and our adventure in Narnia began.
We saw lots of costumes, props, the white witches chair and her sled, and even a display on the power of a catapult. We know that the "real Narnia" would be much more exciting but we did enjoy seeing the stuff from the movies.
Outside the Disney sponsored exhibit we loved playing on the ice wall. It was a huge sheet of ice.
Even Jumba tried keeping his hands there long enough to make an imprint.
Princess was more about posing than keeping her hand still.
Pickle and Bagel took things seriously, then enjoyed touching their hands to my back after. So cold!

Goobers had the most luck. She left a slight impression.
Dad got into the game as well. Bear wanted it to be stated that even though I don't have a shot of him against the ice he was able to keep his hands on the longest. He won!

I have so loved reading these books with my children and our year started with us enjoying these movies. We hope to end the year by watching the new movie being made from another book in the series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, as a December family adventure. To be honest we are now finished with the books but our love of Narnia will never end. Thank you Mr. Lewis for creating a world that bonded this big family together.

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