Friday, April 23, 2010

"Mom will you fix my house, please?"

Kids Say the Darnedest Things! Friday
Check out some great stories on a blogger friends website by clicking the words above. This is our Friday contributions:We have enjoyed reading the Chronicles of Narnia as of late. We just finished the Last Battle and plan to post on those adventures separately. It was a wonderful literary adventure for this family and I strongly recommend it for others. One of the ways that I found to keep the little ones busy and quiet while we read out loud was to offer them action figures that might resemble the characters in the book. We found an old castle in a resale shop and it a "best buy" for this family. I have added the mythological characters, animals and more knights as I ventured out around town. This has added so much to our stories. The boys especially have enjoyed replaying battle scenes with our little figures.This castle is used non stop and like any loved toy it doesn't last too long under those conditions. It was brought to be yesterday with a crack in the wall. It was with great love in his eyes when my loving 2 and 1/2 year old son Jumba walked up to me last night. He reached up and held my face in his hands, to get my attention, no doubt. "Mom will you fix my house, please?"

This struck his older siblings as funny because he does prance around like a prince, maybe he feels that his other house really is a castle.


  1. Oops, too many typos, so I deleted my first comment!

    How sweet! I love when toddlers place your face between their hands. My 21 month old has started doing that lately & showering my face w/ kisses. Blessings!

  2. I can just picture his face asking you that. so sweet. and maybe he does think of that as his other house!

  3. Aw! Well, C.S Lewis did try to make it so that Narnia was the childrens' home, even more so than England, so maybe he's learning from that? :D He would fit right in to that castle, just modify the size and, voila! You have a...House Castle? (By the way, I live in Cair Paravel, so I get exactly what he's saying! ;))
    Hope to see you next Friday!


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