Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Lit Days

When you homeschool you can take the adventures where ever you want. We decided during the Last Battle that we needed to take advantage of some wonderful gorgeous days. We packed some lunches and headed out to the park.

I had to read a little louder to compete with nature, ya know the water, birds, and creatures that are all around. After thinking about it for just a second I must also state that when reading a book about the beauties of Narnia it is best if taken to the beautiful outdoors.

They got to climb and ponder and play as we read.

Here we are wrapping up our studies with some book reports and discussions. Those are better done without the distractions of being outside. We still enjoyed all the fresh air and the light that spilled in through open windows during the spring time.

As I said in previous posts we did also purchase a castle and some medieval knights and mythological creatures to represent the characters that we were falling in love with in the stories.
A castle is a fun toy anyway but you can make it Cair Paravel and defend it from all the bad guys, then the fun never ends.
I loved watching the kids interact with each other in very elaborate stories. C.S. Lewis and his brother had imaginary places that they created in their childhood. I watched these kiddos and wondered what silly thing I saw might become the next adventure years from now.
The other great thing about these characters is that even though the time in the books has come to a close we still have the people to play with. The worst thing after reading a great book is saying good bye to your new friends. We have found away to keep them alive in our living room for a little bit longer. (Picture taken from The Lions Call website.)
While waiting for swim team to finish Pickle came over to me just laughing out loud and pointing to this baby brother. When asked what was up he just laughed and said,
"Jumba just ran up to me, grabbed me from behind, then put a hand to the air and
said, 'For Narnia'."
Pickle returned to his brothers side to continue the battle. Pickle spent 10 minutes telling another mom at swim team why she needed to read the Chronicle books to her boys.

Well I guess that is the best review you can give a book, the recommendation of a 9 year old boy. Here are Pickles words referring to all the books in the series,
"They are the best, you have to read all of them, but remember Reepisheep was
my friend first."

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