Friday, April 16, 2010

Are they going to put it back in?/Are we going to Ballet the car?

Kids Say the Darnedest Things! Friday
Check out some great stories on a blogger friends website by clicking the words above. This is our Friday contributions:

Our poor five year old Bagel changed the family plans on Good Friday when we realized that she was having an appendicitis. We reacted as quickly as we could after realizing this kid has an incredible tolerance for pain. She was able to leave the hospital by Monday afternoon but we were given strict instructions to look for fever. When one showed up the next Saturday afternoon (7 days after surgery) we took her back to the hospital. She in fact had developed another huge pocket of infection that only began to effect her physically after an abscess grew to the size of a tennis ball. To combat that they give a different form on antibiotics and insert a drain tube. This procedure is done with ultrasound and x-ray while the child is under mild sedation.

While this precious child was being put into a wheel chair to escort her to the procedure she panicked and looked at me with her big green eyes. We talked all week about how taking her appendix out had helped her feel better. "What are they doing mom, their not going to put my 'pendix' back in, are they?"

So we were headed to Texas Children's Hospital to visit with Bagel for the boys night also letting Princess come again. This girl knew that we would show up at the hospital and then let the car be valet parked. Honestly I have found it to be a wonderful service at Texas Children's Hospital, it is only $1 more and so much more convenient when your mind is on a million other things. As we approached the hospital she knew the routine.

"Hey mom, do we need to get ready, are we going to "ballet" the car?" Princess asked. Without missing a beat Pickle responded, "What are you talking about, we can't teach the car to dance."


  1. Awww! So sweet! :D I volunteer at the hospital...and sometimes when I'm waiting for my ride home I dance around like a ballerina (and get some "what on earth are you doing?!" looks). Gimme a break...I'm bored. :D

    I'm so glad Bagel is feeling better. :D Thanks for joining in and come back next week.
    In Christ,

  2. If I didn't know better, I'd say the three of them are comedians! but sure enough, kids do say things that they have no idea are incorrect. love the question -- are they going to put the pendix back in? oh the ballet parking is hilarious too!

  3. Too Cute! Hope your daughter is doing well :)

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