Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bagel is doing a little better!

Bagel does not get to pick our weekend plans next week. This has not been fun. The poor kiddo is so tired of being sick. She had so much fun this past week while she felt better, just moving a little slower than usual. Friday she acted very tired so we were on the look out for a fever. The fever didn't show up until Saturday afternoon. The fever meant infection so she was readmitted to the hospital. The poor kiddo hated the IV going in. Then she heard the surgery word and lost it. (I admit dad and I did also.) Having a drain tube put in was technically a procedure not a true surgery.

The doctor admitted that they fully expected her to have a secondary infection due to how bad her appendix was when in came out. By the time she went back for the 'procedure' she was getting pretty bad and so were her parents. I admit that I have been much more on edge this trip to the hospital than last. All and all it is going well and they tell us the Bagel is doing well.
Oh my goodness that did not stop us from having a little blow out. Mom, dad and Bagel fighting. Bagel was yelling at us, telling us no, and refusing to take medicine. After a little prodding she reluctantly got up to go to the bathroom. Her very full bladder was probably causing pain at the area that is now very sore. She hated looking at the drain that was put in. I guess it was a little freaky but will come out in a few days. After she repeatedly told mom to "shut up", I tapped her face. She started bawling. She grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. At that point Jason and I realized that she was stilled scared to death and that is why she was being so cranky.
We just held her. She was so scared. It told her that I knew that she didn't mean to talk back but no matter how sick we feel we must be polite to others. She nodded. I apologized for not seeing how scared she was and asked what upset her the most. She told us that she was afraid we were going to leave her. I guess she wasn't all the way asleep before surgery this time when we left her for the waiting area. We assured her that we sat right outside the door. Bless her little heart. Even in the midst of crazy fears and horrible fevers and health issues we need to to always be ready to listen. This little one was acting so bad and it is out of character. Dad and I had to correct her and let her know what we expected all while trying to understand where the attitude was coming from. After a good cry and many hugs everyone felt better. Now if we can just get her well enough to come home and stay home.


  1. Tell Bagel she has some Franciscan sisters here in Pennsylvania praying for her--that she'll be well and up playing very soon.

  2. oh your little Baqgel -- bless her heart. I'm sending up a prayer right now that God will heal your little one quickly and fully.


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