Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bagel is back in TCH!

My poor little Bagel. She was a real trooper all week. On Friday night she started to fade again. She still didn't complain of pain but wasn't acting just right. She woke up a few times complaining of pain. After some medicine she went right back to bed to wake the next day acting a little tired. Still no complaining but she was very quiet and not very hungry. Her fever spiked around 3:30. After a quick call to the doctor we headed back to Texas Children's Hospital.
After a Cat scan it was confirmed that she has an abscess at the site of her former appendix. (This is somewhat expected maybe as high as 30%). So they will insert a drain tube and put her on some powerful antibiotics. In the end we are confidant that she will be OK. Bagel will need to spend several more days in the hospital. Please keep her and her scared siblings in your prayers.

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  1. Poor Bagel. Y'all are back on our prayer list.


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