Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to brag on Pooker!

"Uh, what's this?" Pooker asked her father and I the other day after opening her mail. Her lack of understanding just goes to the point that there are just some things that homeschooled children just are not used to.

"This" was a letter from Pooker's school. She is attending the local community college before heading off to a four year school. She is paying in cash for her education and being very smart at keeping costs down while still getting a great education. The community colleges here in our area are known for their quality of education. Pooker has a full course load this semester, just like last semester. She is taking challenging courses and is doing extremely well.

As J and I read the letter we both started smiling. Pooker was still a little curious but we explained to her that making "The President's List" was considered a very good thing. She has maintained a high GPA and it was recognized by the school.
(Austin A. Lane, Ph.D, Ed.D. President Lone Star College-Montgomery)

Pooker is a very smart young lady. It really is one of her gifts from God. J and I are just so proud of her. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses. She takes pride in using her given gifts to excel in what she does. It shows and this letter telling her she made the list is just one small example. This note is because we just needed the world to know that Pooker is doing extremely well and that her family is very proud of her. (love this picture of her. Taken by her friend Daniel Gonzalez)
This did also give us a few minutes of laughter with Pickle. Remember he is our very literal child. He freaked out when he heard us talking about Pooker being on the Presidents list. "What does that mean? Is Obama mad at her? Is he watching her now? I don't want Pooker on his lists!" After we calmed him down and explained that #1 we were talking about the president of her school and not of the country and #2 that it was a very good thing being on the list did our family get to celebrate with Pooker.

We love you girl and are proud of you!


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    We’d love to have you join the fun and share your stories. I’m sure that you have some real gems!

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  2. YEAH!!!! Way to go! Pooker should be EXTREMELY proud of herself.

    It was good to see you guys the other day. Thank you for inviting us. Sorry if we held you back some.

    Another date is soon to come!

  3. Shannon,

    What a lovely testiment to the outstanding job you did in homeschooling, Pooker! J and you certainly deserve to be proud parents and I am so very glad you shared this with the blog world! Folks need to be reminded that our young people can and do responsible and outstanding work!

    Sorry I've been remiss in visiting, but I've just been busy juggling sick kiddos, Daddy's fire schedule, a home without heat during a freak springtime snowstorm, etc.

    Everything is going well on the baby-front...another testimony to the power of prayer and the goodness of your children!

    Take care,


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