Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess What Time It Is!!!!

Oh yeah! It is Cuda time. Finally after a long winter the time to sign up is here.
Pooker is too old to be a swimmer but was honored to be added to the coaching staff this year. My other kiddos are ecstatic. They can't wait. I was informed a few weeks back that my children only want to talk about swim team. I know it is annoying but they really do enjoy the team that much. We try to discuss moving and every time it comes back to, "But what about the Cudas?"

It looks to be another fun year. Our neighborhood was one of the few neighborhoods that formed teams and the league 40 years ago. We plan to enjoy that aspect of the year with our psychedelic 40Th year Cuda design.

I will be missing two Cuda moms, two real friends that passed away unexpectedly this past year. The parties will not be the same with out Miss Lisa planning them. Everything will never be the same without our dear Miss Linda helping. My kiddos will miss Linda's words of encouragement as they get out of the pool and the special treats that she would make sure were added to the groups cooler on the days of the meets. I will miss her loving hugs at the beginning of a stressful meet day or the enchanting conversations while our children were practicing. This year will be sad in some ways. We plan to enjoy the year and remember our friends with love. Go Cudas!

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