Friday, March 5, 2010

Some cowboys do sleep with their boots on!

We used to call Jumba Cowboy way back when he was first born. The nickname made sense considering that he is our first boy born here in TX. Bagel is our only other child that is a native of the glorious state. Her nickname for a while was Tex. Cowboy, now called Jumba even came home from the hospital wearing his first pair of soft boots. These new boots were a Christmas gift from Santa and they do not come off his feet. You will notice them if you look back over a few older pictures.We have found that it is getting harder and harder to get him to put his tennis shoes on. I hear that many boys go through phases like this. .I think his siblings have encouraged it along a little as well. Today was no different.
My favorite part though is when he is changed for bed and begs us to put his boot back on over his PJ's. Jumba is all boy, all cowboy!

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