Sunday, December 27, 2009

The perfect gift from Nanny

We have a basket full of Christmas books. We leave it on the shelf and pull it out during advent. The kids have special memories of J's mom reading to them Christmas stories before we moved from St. Louis.

The younger ones don't remember, they were either too young or were born after the move. Nanny found a way around that this year.

She sent a special book. The little ones got to have her read to them last night. She even added a special ending. They love this gift and I suspect will for years to come.  How cool is this.  The book contains a recorder. 

Nanny set it as she read the book.  It recorded her and when the kids pull the book out she reads to them over and over again.  It is so cool and you can tell from the pictures and the video that this was a true favorite.

I hope that the video shows how much they really did love this gift. We live so far away. The little ones miss out of those special memories of the grandparents. I love that Nanny found a way around that with this awesome gift.

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  1. What a great memory to instill. I still remember my parents and grandmother reading Christmas stories to me. When I first learned to read I had a big book (at least it seemed big to me) of Christmas stories and poems. I used to insist on a red light bulb in the lamp and I read it to my brother. Don't know exactly how I was able to see with the red light but the memory is still there!


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