Sunday, December 27, 2009

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Our Christmas in Pictures: 

God is so good to us.  We have each other, we have more than enough to survive, we eat until full, and because of His Birth we get the promise of heaven.
 All This And Heaven
                     .       .      .       .      .
                    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. What wonderful pics of your Christmas Eve/Day! What a blessing to be surrounded by so many beautiful children and as you said, a bounty of food.

    I once heard a priest say that everyday we should be thankful that we were born in America...we could have been born in any other part of the world, but our luck and God's plan had us delivered in the states. We have so much to appreciate and thank HIM for.


    P.S. I swear I saw a glimpse of you from 20 years ago in the face of your oldest daughter!


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