Tuesday, November 3, 2009

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”

Truer words could not have been spoken today. This is how our parish priest closed the funeral Mass for our dear Sweet Natalia today. He is quoting the best here, it is a Dr. Seuss quote!

Last night at the Rosary I was amazed at all the friends and family that were there. I was delighted in how Natalia's entire family made the rest of us feel better. Princess did not know Natalia. She is my sensitive one. We have been surrounded by death lately. She cries uncontrollably when I become weepy. I guess she is crying for the rest of us. J is out of town and so I was at the Rosary with all the kiddos. We waited in line for several minutes. When we got to the front, Pooker greeted Natalia's dad. he knew who she was and began chatting with her. Princess started crying again and could not regain her composure. Natalia's mom grabbed Princess into her arms and loved on her. She explained that Natalia would not want her to be sad but her to be happy.

It wasn't about who was there, or which friend of Natalia's came. It was about loving each person put in front of them. They loved my children without really knowing them before. The mom said that she feels so close to everyone that prayed for her daughter. She can't explain it but is somehow connected to us. We were told at the Rosary by Natalia's aunt that we were all her family. We felt that way.

The Mass was wonderful, with a few hundred people there. Family, friends, children, adults, teens and more teens. Today dress wasn't important. Some were dressed up and others in jeans. Everyone came to share in her life and it was beautiful. Our parish pastor Fr. Tom R. did a wonderful job. This was a mixed crowd, Catholic and non-Catholics. Father did a fantastic job of making everyone feel welcome and yet still making it clear who could and who could not receive communion. Clear directions with sensitivity and kindness.

In true T Family form we were some of the last ones to leave. We helped the St. Martha ministries wrap up the extra food and clean the kitchen. These ladies are so dedicated to serving our Lord by serving the receptions after a funeral. This was a much bigger crowd than they are used to but they handled it like pros. It was a beautiful day and we spilled out into the patio and the piazza. People sat all around even at the fountain. Natalia would have loved this crowd.

At the end of the day new friends were made and old friends were reunited. Catholic and protestants came together in prayer and praise of our Lord. A 16 year old inspired adults to get more involved. We were all blessed to learn about our Lord by watching Natalia serve others around in her. We watched her die with grace and we are better for if. We beg you Lord to welcome her into your arms and continue to offer her family comfort. Please keep each teen that was present there today close to your heart. We ask Natalia to pray for us from her new heavenly home.

We love Natalia and you will be missed! Father is right, we shouldn't cry because she is gone but smile because we knew her.

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  1. Shannon,

    I am crying as I type this b/c of so many reasons, but just a few...

    the love and compassion you shower on each of your children...individually;

    and I wish to finish this comment, my little ones are up and needing their mama...

    Will return and write more later.

    Love and blessings,


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