Saturday, September 26, 2009

PE Days in full swing again

I love our homeschool group. I know that I say that all the time but it is such an important part of our success. I don't worry about the socialization of my children at all. I would worry about them more if they were in any form of traditional school. That being said I do desire friends for my children. Our homeschool group is centered around our dear Catholic Faith. You don't need to be Catholic to join but you would need to understand that we are a support group for Catholic Homeschooling moms. We begin and end each activity in prayer. My children are growing up knowing that God can be the main focus on their lives and that does not mean that they will never have fun, play sports, or get out of the house.

We have now had two PE days with our Bread of Life group this month. I help organize them. They are nothing fancy. Last year we were super organized and it was fun but too much work for the moms. This year is a tad more laid back and it seams to be working well. We get together at a park for one hour every other Friday with the the intention of "playing" the listed sport. One mom in the group was a physical education major and instructor before having children. She has guided us when we have needed it. The kids of all ages get together. After the planned sport we have a picnic lunch and park time. This time is crucial for friendships for my children and for myself. Sometimes I think the moms need this social time more than the children do.


We started with kickball. It is a simple game that many of us that went to traditional school remember playing. It is easy to take it for granted. We get older children and young ones alike. For kickball we divided into "know how to play" and "no idea what to do" groups. Another mom took the older kiddos that had a clue and most of the moms stayed with me and the younger ones.
That week was a very low turnout. It could have been because it was our first meeting or because it was raining out. One highschooler with the younger ones. That was until Pooker showed up after her classes. We started in prayer and then an hour later made the older ones stop to pray to end the official game. The older ones went back out and played a little more before calling it a game. The younger ones were not that self directed. We struggled a tad to even get a fame going but eventually they "caught" on. We got a chance for everyone to kick and run the bases one time before we moved onto some running games and then we gave them chalk and time to color.
With the younger crowd this was a very hands on activity. It took all the moms to "play" along. We started with just running the bases and calling them by name. The little ones enjoyed this.
I can't say that it was that helpful. Here Princess with the help of another mom is trying to convince Bagel that she needs to run and which way she needs to go. This was our "second" base notice the other runner is walking away in the other direction.

The mom's love the talking time that came with chalking. We all love this support group so much.

Frisbee Gold and Parachute Play 9-24

This day was chosen by the older crowd. They love to play Frisbee Golf. We had a large turnout for this one, especially of the highschool and older crowd. No pictures of them though. They did their own thing in a safe environment. They were happy. Hours later when another group came and our bigger kids came back over the hill to leave I overheard anther homeschool group comment that we had so many older children. They wondered how we got so many of them to come. I smiled to myself because I know that offering the PE is something that the middleschool and highschool kids needs. Those that were in traditional school miss that kind of stuff.
The younger crowd was larger this time as well. I am so thankful for the moms that step forward again to help offer something for the younger ones. This group broke down again and the pre-schoolers and kindergartners grouped together. They might not get much out of "PE" time but they are learning listening skills. I saw lots of smiles as well!

What I love about this group is that there is no wrong way to do this. We just all try to get together to enjoy each other. So much fun!

I love seeing all those smiles.
A Parachute is a silly simple thing to do with a group of kids. The colors seam to brighten the mood though. We had a blast.

Thanks to all of my Bread of Life people. I am so thankful to God for all of these children and moms. They keep me sane. I love you all!

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