Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skype and my family pictures

If you have family that live far away Skype is a great tool. It is the "in" thing for the college age kiddos. They are talking to each other with their computers for free (well, free if you have a web cam and Internet access). We have talked with Goobers and Bear a few times with this cool feature.
It is so fun to see the person you are talking to. I have found that the little T's need so see their older siblings. It is hard for me. I miss the kiddos so much that it is hard to see them. It makes me what to cry. They are doing well, my mom is healing and the duo will be home in a few days. One of my biggest things is trying to get group shots of the kiddos. Well for the past several weeks my heart breaks as I take pictures. There are always people missing. Pooker had an idea last night. I got my picture and they got to laugh at me and my need for group shots. We tried it and it looks silly but we needed everyone. Poor Bagel was sleeping. We grabbed her for a shot, she doesn't remember a thing. In the mayhem of picking up a sleeping 5 year old we upset Princess. Not a perfect shot but I got the whole group in there. I now know that I can find away to see my family all together when they begin to go off to college. I love my kiddos. Soon they will all be under one roof again. Until then, I love Skype!


  1. Skype is the best thing ever! I love how it's free.
    My sister is stationed in Italy with her husband who is in the Navy. So it's wonderful to be able to talk to her without having to pay huge fees for international calls.

  2. My eyes are now being open to the how fun this can be. It would be hard to have s sister so far away. I love Skype.


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