Saturday, September 12, 2009

Silly Start to School

Tuesday 9-8
Our computer completely crashed on Sunday. That meant that I spent Labor day upset that I couldn't get the school year planned and the first week of school all mapped out. I know what I want us to cover and I have a general plan. I have a list of artist and composers picked by some other moms to use as my guide for art study. The high school kids are on the path that we set out for Pooker. Goobers and Bear started already. Sugar is working on her math that we mapped out at the beginning of summer. All of that has the kids in good spots but the specifics. I have been planning different parts of it for weeks. I just needed to get some stuff onto a computer program. It didn't happen.One of my goals for the school year was to again start going to Mass more often. It is so peaceful when it becomes part of the daily habit. So even if we did nothing else Tuesday morning we were going to attend Holy Mass. Well we got there but we were 10 minutes late. UGH! It just happened to be the day that the church celebrated Holy Mary's Birthday. I decided during the homily (well the second half of the homily because that was all I heard.) that today we would focus on Mary and celebrate our good fortunes. So we headed out for $12 worth of morning donuts.
On the way to the donut shop I decided that it would just have to be an "A" week. I have never loved the idea of learning the alphabet one letter at a time or devoting a week or more to each letter but my younger ones needed something. We starting pointing out every A we saw and making oral lists of all the "A" words we knew.
The kids all loved this and Sugar and Moogie played along. They were a huge help. I had to drop off my computer to be repaired (in the end it was completely gutted and rebuilt), get gas and then head home to organize the bills. When getting gas the kids noticed all the "A"'s all around. I grabbed some credit applications from the station and paced them out. The children spend the 45 minutes in the car driving around for my errands searching for every "A" they could find.
They found this to be a blast and begged me to not stop the fun. We had cloud cover so it wasn't too hot. We agreed to go on a new nature trail in our subdivision. We then made "A"'s out of everything we found.
Princess thought this was an acorn. I am not sure that it was but she is right that acorn starts with an "A" so we took a picture.

At home the kiddos continued on their "A" search. A also began the write out the letter. They were all about practicing as much as they could.

Later we did some Math and reading. I can't say it was the way I wanted the day to go but the little ones did learn.
We started school at least. I hope and pray that next week will work out more the way I have it planned. Good luck to all those that are back in school. I also have good wishes to all those that have finished their formal schooling. I pray that we all continue to enjoy learning our whole lives.

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