Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jumba is growing up!

Jumba is a little over two years of age now. I know that they stop being a baby now but this little man seamed to have changed over night. I can't even believe how grown up he is. At the park the other day he did his own thing.

He used to only go where his big siblings took him. He used to be hesitant to walk off on his own. I spent that afternoon looking for him. I always found him trying something new and then laughing at me when I told him he was scaring his mom.
This little maneuver made me very nervous. He isn't quit big enough to step up by himself, or so I thought. I worried for no reason. He proved that he could do it all by himself. Thanks to my friend that reminded me to just watch and not stop him.

I don't love that Jumba is so big but I am very proud of him. This little one wants to keep up with the older kiddos. He tries everything. He doesn't complain too much when he is hurt. I love his spirit and his spunk.

Her has no problem making friends and enjoying life. Jumba has yet again reminded me that being a good mom often means sitting back, saying a prayer and being close enough to help. I should help only when asked.

Who knew that this little one would grow up into such a wild man so quickly!?!

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  1. So true, Shannon, so true!

    I often need a reminder myself, to step back and allow my little ones to try things on their own!

    That inverted half-circle ladder thing (crazy description, huh?) drives me nuts, too! Why do the 2-year olds INSIST on climbing on that thing...don't they know their little bodies can slip between the wrungs? LOL



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