Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fine Arts Study & Nature Study

Our Homeschool group made some changes this year. We tried to get most of the extra stuff set up for Fridays. If we can meet on Fridays only then more people can add it into their schedules. Like most groups Bread Of Life is mostly made up of Elementary age children. My middle school and high school kiddos were the only ones there today. It didn't matter they still got in on the action. We had prepared and studied the artist and composer in advance. They were actually then able to walk from group to group and help teach and learn as they walked. I love homeschooling and having a big family.
The pre-schoolers were so much fun. They learned as much as they could about DaVinci. Bagel is in the Pink shirt in the middle with Sugar to the far right.
Princess is at the perfect age for something like this. We had talked about the artist quit a bit in the days before the "class". She took it all in and now got to look at a print with her friends. They then tried to copy it.
Bear was caught by the camera (picture taken by Goobers) looking at the art work also. We all enjoyed this study. Art has been something that we have not looked at too much. We have practiced technique but not art appreciation. This was fun and each month we will dive into a new artist and a new composer.
Pickle also enjoys the time with his friend. He copied a pretty good picture but then turned it into a vampire. I am not sure why but we will work on another copy page next week.
Moogie excels at all she does but again worried that her work wasn't good enough. She finished and then crumbled her page to be thrown away. The mom that was working with her group uncrumpled the page and then said she was going to save it. Moogie was so moved by this.
It was hard to keep the pre-schoolers sitting for too long. We read a story and talked about all kinds of facts about DaVinci.
We then worked on getting the kiddos moving by talking about flight. The artist was fascinated with flight so was practiced being birds. Then our discussion moved onto the Last Supper.
Bagel worked on her piece longer than those around her.
After lunch we moved onto nature study. This is something that I have started again and again but struggle to follow through with. I hate the Houston heat so I often avoid a true nature study. I kept my kiddos in one group and we sat and talked about the day. We talked about the nature around us but didn't take notes. For us the time together talking was more important. Maggie did have fun looking at her own legs with the magnify glass.
I can't say that our nature study was that great. We watched an ant carry something on his back until we dropped the magnifying glass on him. Bagel liked the flowers.
The rest of us liked sitting still to avoid getting too hot.

I do plan to continue doing nature study. Maybe we will get the notebooks to sketch what we find. Maybe next time we will actually walk a hiking trail. Maybe next month it won't be 90 degrees outside still. Time will tell but I am very thankful for the BOL homeschool group. It is a wonderful group of people. I am also very thankful to the moms that organized Fine Arts Study and Nature Study. These were two areas that we have not dived into as of yet. I am glad that we are now.

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  1. We missed it all this month due to illness' (mine & Andrew's), but we hope to be there next time. Looks like fun!


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