Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computer and Camera Woes

This past month has been one of disappointment in regards to broken technology. The main computer is the one that I keep the books on. I pay bill with the main computer and I use it for school planning. This computer also holds all the family pictures. A few weeks, as my computer started moving very slowly, J encouraged me to get an external hard-drive with lots of memory. This proved to be a perfect move. I was able to store all my pictures and when the computer completely crashed I wasn't a complete mess.

So I took the now dead computer in to our friend to be worked on. He did his "repairs". I put that in quotes because he replaced tons of things but wasn't able to really repair. Now the computer works great until you turn it off. I haven taken it in several more times with now luck. We are now looking at a computer that will only turn on if EVERYTHING is unplugged out of every port to turn it on. What a pain! I am thinking that we will be purchasing a new apple soon.

None of this even address the trouble j is having with his work computer. His business is set up that everything runs from that laptop. The sad thing is that those laptops are old and crash all the time. He also has an external hard-drive but can not move his information to another working computer because of security issues. The poor guy has picked up a ton of work and now the computer is dead. A dead computer makes it very hard to get his work accomplished effectively. It takes twice as long to get anything done.

My two good cameras are shot. The really good one is completely broken. It was fixed for about 20 hours when it broke again. I figure it just isn't meant to be right now. I will put it up on the shelf and wait until the little ones are a tad older. I love my camera, I really do, but it isn't worth being mad at the young ones all the time. Then the back up, nice camera is cracked right down the center. I sent it off to be repaired. I suspect it will not be worth it or be covered by the warranty. I am very hard on cameras. I use them constantly.

I got myself a very cheap substitute the other day. I need something for goodness sake. I had to do something considering even my back up was broken. UGH! I will probably discover I take better pictures without all that technology. I hope not, cause I love all that stuff. Anyway, enough of my woes.

God is good! I am so glad that He is better to me than I am to technology. Here is to you and your "luck" with computers and cameras. May you have the golden touch and not my touch.

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