Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Terrific 2's!!!

Happy birthday Baby Boy. Jumba had his big birthday. Dad was out of town for the day but we will celebrate with a cake over the weekend. Jumba didn't care, he just loved the attention. We started off the day celebrating in Mass. We felt it is a great way to start this special day. We then headed to get chocolate chip bagels but they didn't have enough. Ironically it was Bagel that suggested we go for donuts instead. It really was a great start to a day devoted to enjoy Jumba.

I was sitting there Sunday night thinking about how very very hot it was. I was remembering the summer I had Jumba. That was not as hot as this summer. It rained much that year keeping the hot temperatures at bay. August was hot but that was about it. I even had the thought, "Thank God I am not pregnant this summer." Then I remembered that I should be pregnant and my heart broke all over again. Heat or no heat I miss Baby David.

Jumba is the such a delight. We all enjoy his humor and love his morning kisses. I was snuggling Jumba last night and Bear tried to teach him that mom kisses are gross. I was so upset. I know that Bear was teasing but Jumba is my baby. He is a big two year old now but he is my baby. I love having small children around.

This little one is a treat. He makes our days brighter. We are so thankful that God has blessed us with this amazing young man.

Jumba, We are a better family because you are with us. We love you bunches and bunches. Thank you God and please continue to bless this little man.

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