Saturday, August 1, 2009

Being Sick!

Our house was a wreck this week. The flu hit us and hit us hard. It started with Pooker feeling ill and medicating herself through it. Monday she stayed in bed all day and by Tuesday was feeling better. The cries started about 5:oo am with Princess complaining of her head hurting. She had a fever. An hour later Sugar came down with the same complaints. Moogie woke another hour later high fever and head ache. Pickle came down about 2 hours later with a head ache, he didn't yet have a fever but it came later. Bagel pretended to be sick also until early the next morning when she really had a fever. Wednesday Jumba woke with a fever and very crabby . Mom's fever started later in the day.

The short version is that I suspect we had the H1N1 Flu but we were not tested. The headaches were bad and lasted about 1 day. The fevers were high and lasted 3 days. The aches were connected with the fevers. The sore throat lasted about 2 days. The coughing hasn't ended so I can't say how long that will last.

We treated the fevers with acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. How can you treat so many people when you are feeling sick yourself. You make a chart. You list everyone on that chart and you mark every symptom and every drop of medicine given. That way no one gets too much medicine and you know if someone isn't getting better. It wan't pretty but it got the job done. After my week of nursing the sick I have decided to go back to teaching. We will start school next week, maybe!?! . . .

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