Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Birthday of a Princess

Princess planned how she wanted us to decorate. She asked for it to feel like she was in a castle. The bigger kids stayed up late the night before her big day and draped cray paper from all around the room. She says that she liked it. Yeah, A Happy Birthday Princess!
Jumba is never sure what is going on when the decorations make everything look different when he gets up. He was quite happy when it was time to tear the paper down. That really is the fun part and they all love doing this.
Bagel was very excited about Princess having a birthday. She helped plan and pick out how the day would work. She colored pictures and picked out gifts. I know that those two will be an unstoppable force later in life. Now their main purpose is to drive me crazy.
Princess was very upset to discover that Pooker had to work at the pool on her birthday. She wanted McDonald's for lunch, she loves the chicken nuggets in spite of peta.
We sat and waited for Pooker's break and then we had a little picnic at the pool where Pooker was working. I love that my kiddos want to share their big moments with each other. Princess did not ask for a party, presents or anything like that. She just wanted her birthday meal with all of her siblings.
After lunch we headed home, and mom went to pick up dad. When Pooker got off work she took all the girls shopping to spend the gift card that Princess got from her Mimi. They had so much fun together.
The next afternoon the kiddos baked a big cake and that night when everyone was home we sang the Birthday Song and had Princess blow out candles.
Happy birthday dear Princess. You will always be our little Princess. Mommy and Daddy love you and can't believe that you are now a 7 year old.

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