Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yeah Seniors 2009!

Despite Pooker's current class schedule at the community college we are still acting as though she is a senior. We plan to have a formal celebration sometime next month for her completion of High School.
Last Sunday we got to participate in our parishes Senior Appreciation Dinner. It was so very nice. Each of the seniors were acknowledged by the leaders in the parish for the various activities they helped with over their high school years. The decorations were all about where their adventures in life might take them.

We dressed up the crew and headed out to join the parish in loving the class of 2009. Pooker has some wonderful friends. They do so much for the parish. Please offer a prayer for them.
STAOP High School Senior Group of 2009.

It was so fun for all of us to cheer for our big sister. Moogie is happy to do what she can to show Pooker how much she loves her.Sitting still for this long ceremony and talks is not easy for the little ones. They did a great job for their Pooker. They are all so proud of her. Goobers is so close to Pooker. She worked hard to help us keep the kiddos quiet. She was so happy for her sister.

Pooker has been a Confirmation Teacher's aid. She is a very active teen that has worked hard to serve her parish for years. This is the Confirmation coordinator thanking all the active teens.
They were given a small gift and Pooker was embarrassed to be acknowledged. "I do that stuff for Him, I don't need a thank you!"

Here is Pooker putting her "where I am going to college sticker" on the Senior 2009 map. We keep the maps up in the youth room to remind us to pray for the previous classes.

Way to go Pooker, we love you and are very proud of you!

This picture doesn't exactly scream, "we all love you Pooker and are very proud of you!" Please trust me that it is exactly what it trying to say!

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