Monday, May 11, 2009

Time Trials

We love the craziness that comes with the neighborhood swim team season. The hardest part is getting up early on Saturday morning. We show up with our party tent and others come to help us assemble it.

The kids laughed about how others knew to help. They just came over and got to work. It is the nature of swim team. You might not know the team member standing next to you but you help. That is way our team works. That same spirit is what we saw the week after the hurricane. Neighbor helping neighbor, that is what it is all about!

As with the tent falling into place so were our nerves about the first challenge of the season for all these young swimmers. The older kiddos all have goals on their own times that they want to beat. The younger ones want to earn some ribbons.
Bagel was a wreck. We wanted her to try but her nerves got the most of her.
I was able to grab all my swimmers together for one family shot. 8 swimmers! These are the cutest ones on the team!
The 8 T-family swimmers with 300 or so of their closest friends. If you could see a close up you would see that we have a great looking team. The good news is that we can swim as well.
It was a very hot day! If you are not a swimmer the heat can really get to you. My position this year meant that I needed to be there early but then was free to leave later on. I helped get things going, J came up and took the Jumba and Bagel. She did try but her fear was too great. We are proud of her for trying and still will have her practice each day. Next year she will be her year!
Moogie and her friend. You have to love those wonderful caps. They tend to make all the ladies look silly. These two are still happy, happy!
Pickle and his buddy.
Not sure why Goobers is giving her mom that look. I should clip that tongue little Missy.
Pooker and Bagel had hoped to both swim this year. Bagel was being comforted by Pooker as her fear reached a peak. I love my girls. I was proud that Pooker tried to encourage Bagel but didn't add to her fear with guilt.
These two will take on the world some day soon.
Princess didn't miss Bagel that much. She was still excited to get her chance in the pool. Now this is her 4Th year in this same age group. She started at 3, swam at 4, swam at 5 and now as a 6 year old. Each year in the six and under age bracket. I think she feels like she rules that tent. I can't wait to see if her swimming keeps up with all that practice.
Bagel is such a cutie. She was upset to not swim but happy that no one was mad at her.
Pickle can't wait to test his skills. He got a new suit and loves it.
Go Princess!!!!

Go Pickle!!!

What a great Saturday. It was long and hot but it is good to be back! Next week we take on our first team. I don't care about the scores but look forward to visiting with friends again!

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