Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your Grace is Enough

After moving to Houston 7 years ago we were introduced to a music market that we didn't know that well before. The Christian music is a huge category here. I remember Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant from my high school days. After Amy Grant's marriage issues I lost a lot of respect for that artist and the entire category. Fast forward to Houston where the Christian music station is a pretty popular choice. The teens are quoting newer artists to each other all the time. Our LifeTeen Mass is filled with music pulled from some of these newer Christian artist.

I like singing along to words that glorify our Lord and not the evils of society. I also don't need to flip the channel because the words do not contain deviant sexual content like much of the rock choices. With little ones in the car it is the safe choice. So I do find that we listen to KSBJ often. I was happy to hear that at least one of the known artist is in fact Catholic.

On Tuesday night a small group from our LifeTeen wanted to go see Matt Maher. He was performing on the other side of town for a free out door concert sponsored by Chick Fil'A and the Christian Radio station KSBJ. We piled a few kiddos mostly Tiemeyer's into the van and another Core Team Leader, Miss Sonya, and I drove an hour and half to stand out in the cold and listen to Matt Maher and his band perform for us and around 900 friends. Pooker had met Mr. Maher at the LifeTeen Notre Dame Leadership Conference and was very excited to see him perform.

It was so much fun to take the teens to see this guy. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great night. Next time Miss Sonya we will remember the lip stick.

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