Saturday, January 10, 2009

Giggles, High School Giggles!

Mr. T has been out of town for the week. It was a very easy going week. We ate simple meals, we stayed up late, and we had friends spend the night on Friday night. When you have two parents that are super busy in life sometimes you don't get to take the time to just relax and giggle. We didn't start school this week. Instead we put the decorations away, planned the next half of the school year and tried to organize the huge mess in our lives that we call the laundry. So on the last night we Pooker and Goober decided to have friends spend the night.

Pooker had one of her dearest friends through high school over. She and Meggers have gone to dances together, crushed on boys together and worn out more than one telephone together. Megger's mom, Mrs. Z and I planned their school out together years ago. We sat at a coffee shop and mapped out what we hoped they would take and what books we wanted them to use. Each of us making separate decisions but some still the same. Mrs. Z and I planned the Catholic Coffee Club for these two. Their friendship has had it's ups and downs over the past 4 years but they have always loved to just sit and giggle. Mrs. Z and I took them to Austin to see a concert a few years back and the entire ride was one big giggle fest with a zillion "jk"s thrown in.

Goobers is just now becoming good friends with Dom-N-Q. They have that same ability to giggle at anything. Both girls have their own interests, gifts and passion but they share something special. I can only imagine 3 years from now when they are looking at starting college together that they will also share a history that Pooker and Meggers share. They already giggle non stop.

So our slumber fest (let's be honest I bet there will be little slumber) started with watching some of our favorite TV shows. Once they ended the two pairs have gone into separate rooms. The little ones are all tucked into bed but these kiddos are still up just remembering when and giggling. I love the sound. I wish I could bottle that feeling. Every grown woman remembers giggling in high school and the truth is we miss it.

I pray that Goobers and Dom-N-Q will have many a night like this one and I pray that Pooker and Meggers never loose that silliness that has kept their parents up many a night listening to them. Thank you God for all the giggles, thank you for best friends for my daughters, and thank you for the high school years that can be filled with silliness.

I also want to offer up a little prayer for my own high school giggle buddies. To Sus, Julie, and most of all Patti. I miss our nights of endless giggles. God Bless each of you! ( Yes I will eventually dig out one of my old photos and share. It might take a week or so, but I plan to find one!)


  1. Boy! Meggers looks a lot like her mom.

    I'm so happy for your kiddos to have friends that they can share so much time with. That is a prayer that we have for our children. Moving has interrupted this but there's still today.

  2. I miss you, too (more than you know sometimes). I was thinking as I was reading your stories of the girls staying up all night and giggling that I remember those days with you as if they were yesterday and have the best memories. Love and miss you,


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