Wednesday, January 7, 2009

B-Ball Girl's B-Ball Game

This is a very bad picture but it is what we did last night. We packed the crew up and headed to the local public high school. Our friend B-Ball Girl had a game. Pooker's friend plays basketball with HCYA. It is a great organization that allows the homeschool kids to have a chance to play sports against traditional school kids on a very competitive level.
Last night it was HCYA VS The Woodlands Highschool. The JV Lady Warriors did not win but played a good game.
We tried to play basketball with HCYA a few years back. It was too intense for our blood, but we loved the people. These kiddos work very hard to compete and always give their opponents a run for their money.
The program as a whole is well known in the area. The boys club makes the paper often and the games are often watched by the scouts. Not this game, it was a little less intense.
We really do like having the opportunity to support our peers that homeschool with us.
An added bonus was that a friend from LifeTeen was on the opposite team. She was very good as well. Wish she was on our side.
The very best part was running into old friends. Thank you God for a fun night out. Simple, cheap, and exciting.

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