Monday, January 19, 2009

Bear on the Football Field

A few groups of homeschoolers have organized some football teams. The boys are playing flag football. Until now we have avoided getting involved in local football programs. They are too competitive and too costly. To be honest football is not my thing. My dad was never into it. My brother played baseball. None of my sisters or I ever dated the football guys. We all seamed to go for the soccer guys. J was the exception but he had played in high school and was injured. Actually it was a pretty bad injury that resulted in major back surgery the summer of his junior year of high school. Fast forward to the present and Bear wanted to try the sport. His injured father was all for it!?! The first two years of our relationship he complained about how football ruined his life but for some reason it is a great idea our son?
Notice all the big vans in the background!

So a group of boys from the area homeschooling groups began to form teams from the Catholic homeschoolers around the Houston area. There are many of them spread out all over. So Bear plays on a team that stems from the Bread of Life group in the Woodlands. They are actually practicing and playing at the high school just up the road. It is a rag tag team in a made up league. No one has even named their teams. We are not using all of the pads so they are playing tag football. I am told that Bear is safe and I don't need to worry.

The first big game was this past Sunday afternoon. Bear and his buddies won from what I hear. I guess I will now need to learn more about football. I have avoided it for years but now that I life with a player it might be important to understand the language. I tried to pay attention. My daughters understand, but their mom doesn't. I just know that my Bear looked adorable on that field. I am very proud of him for trying something new. It was also nice to be outside enjoying the great weather.

Bear has many fans! They are build into our family!

Bear is the best player we know!

Look at all the fans!

Way to go Bear! Mom and Dad are very proud of you. I love that you tried something new. You fit in no matter where you are. Dad's heart just filled with pride when you were out there playing. We all love you big guy!

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  1. Thanks for the pics, Shannon! Foo wished he could have been there. Hopefully, there will be many other times to play.


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