Saturday, January 17, 2009

Narnia on Stage

There is a group of young people in our community that get together to put on high quality plays and musicals using just the young talent in the area. The group is called CYT which stands for Christian Youth Theater. There are groups all around the country. The group in our little area always does a fantastic job. There are some very talented youth in our area. We plan to take the drama class in next few years for the high school credit.

Many members of the this group are homeschoolers. We are so blessed to live in an area that affords the homeschooling community so many extra curricular outlets for talent. Back in April of 2008 we went to see Beauty and Beast with one of the teens we knew being a piece of enchanted furniture and another young one from our homeschool group being an enchanted fork.

We went back to see Peter Pan our friend Mel now playing the rolls of family's maid and of a pirate.

This time Maggie's best friend Dom-N-Q joined Mel in the performance of Narnia. We cancelled on of our PE Days and in its place took most of that group to the theater to see our homeschooled friends. We had 67 in our group to see Mel was Wolf Ryewith and Dom-N-Q was one of the White Witch's Cruelies. Wow they did a fantastic job. Neither one looked like them self and it was kind of creepy how both can really take on the roll of an evil character. It was a wonderful morning. The show itself was wonderful. It was much easier to see the Christian overtones in this live production than that of a movie. Bravo we say and if you have a chance and live in the area the performances are this weekend and next. Well worth the ticket cost and time.

We didn't get a chance to meet up with Mel after the show but we did see Dom-N-Q. Thanks girls we really enjoyed the show and you did a great job.

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