Monday, January 19, 2009

Haircuts for the Boys

It was really time for haircuts for my boys. They were really in bad shape. I think our last cut was before Thanksgiving. We were long overdue. I took my time and wasn't distracted this time.

Look at this handsome Pickle!

I think they look better than some of the other cuts.

Bear, Looking good!

Little Jumba wasn't too sure about this. His first hair cut was just mom trimming the baby mullet he was sporting.

This was Jumba's first real cut. He wasn't sure about the humming of the clippers but he did OK and looks adorable. He looks older but adorable.

My little Jumba

Aren't they cute with their short hair!?! I love that I can now see their eyes!

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  1. Cute haircuts! Never knew you had this talent, too!!!! Okay, since you do boys' hair, wanna take care of my two, also? :)


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