Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Volcano Memories

Last week Pooker and I went to visit a college close by. We had a nice visit with a young man that used to be a member of our church. His family now lives in Dallas. He took the time to give us tour of the Catholic Church and we got to look into the Catholic activities planned for these college students. This was a state school with a very active Catholic population. Pooker is trying to decide between this school and a Catholic College far away. While in town we stopped and shopped for a while at a craft store. We found a great collection of "science" stuff that was all being discontinued. We purchased a few kits, one being a volcano maker.

Pooker told me that she had always felt deprived from the volcano experience. I asked her to explain and she said that one every TV show they always show a kid making a volcano project for science class. She just wished she had been able to do that. I had to laugh because I thought that it must have been a public school thing because I never got to make a volcano either. I guess that this is one of those "the grass is always greener" things. Anyway we decided to help her to complete her school experiecne and provide her with an opportunity to make a volcano.

It was a very small and inexpensive kit so I didn't have high hopes. The kiddos could not wait. Monday became our volcano day. They were most excited to mix the compound of plaster to build the volcano. Once it dried they painted it. This was after creating an entire scene to place the volcano in. The scene included a road and a river with the volcano taking the leading role. The road had cars and everything. The kiddos tried hard to add things to scale. It was cool that they were all working together. That doesn't happen all the time. A mess was created but so were memories.

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