Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life Changes and Sadness

First I need to thank everyone that has taken the time to call about our post Ike condition. Thank you so much for all of your well wished, gifts and prayers. We would not have survived without the kindness from others. We know that we can handle anything God sends our way and often he helps us out with each of you. Thank you from the depths of my heart! Now that the trash bags are finally gone, the electricity is up and running without blinking, and the store shelves are full again I know that we have made it over the difficult time. Please continue to pray for those that are still out of their homes because of the storm, or those in their homes with no roof. We have several displaced neighbors that are now struggling to find contractors and finding an agreement with their insurance agents. It is messy for some of my friends, please keep them in prayer. Thank you for that.

The changes that I am referring to are all around us. Several friends are moving. As many of you know that has been dream of mind after hitting the two year mark here in Houston. I love the people but not the weather. I miss the leaves so much. I miss the cool air that brushes your face in the fall. I often fight depression this time of year over just those desires to not still be in the summer air even though it is the second week of October. This year has been different. I no longer want to move back to St. Louis. In fact I have reached a point that I would rather stay here than move back. Our lives are here. Most of my children have spend most of their lives in this house. We have weathered some bad storms together here. It will be 7 entire years this Dec. 4Th. Forever in the eyes of my children. Pooker wants to go to college close by, Goobers is starting her high school years knowing that our youth program is wonderful and that homeschool sports are close by. It is easy to homeschool the way we want to in Texas. We work hard without the legal issues that plague so many of our peers in other states. We have friends, we have family (not by blood but we consider so many of our close friends to be family), and we have roots now.

The LifeTeen director at our parish told us the other night that he is leaving. He plans to end up in St. Louis of all places. I am thrilled for the youth that he will encounter there. J and I are also so happy for Mike and his bride to be Shannon. They are great people and will make a difference in the lives of all that come near them. We are sad though. The program is and always has been Christ centered, but Christ has worked wonders with the help of Mike. We only have one child that has benefited.

Other friends in the homeschool group are moving. Some far away and other across town. We are not as close to these families as I would like to be. Both families are beautiful examples of Christ in the world by how they live out their lives. I will greatly miss their support and friendships.

Other friends are not struggling with cancer and a distant family member has recently passed away after a long battle. The sadness and changes in life have been brought to my attention lately. We know that God loves us and that we must have the Cross to have heaven but I am feeling those changes and struggles today with sadness. Just as I was becoming so happy with the life around me it is changing again. I will continue to live it for Him knowing that all that we do, the happy and the sad, are for His greater glory. Sometimes that is just easier to say than it is to live out.

I ask that God gives each of these individuals I refer to the peace that only He can provide. Help each one use their changes as an opportunity to grow closer to Him. I will offer each pain for the souls of those we have recently lost. I want to also thank God for letting me have this time to see the good around me. Thank you for so many wonderful people, even though many are leaving us it is wonderful that we even had the chance to know them.

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