Sunday, June 22, 2008

The New Water-Train Record

We were at the pool today for a going away party for some swim team friends. As luck would have it Pooker was one of the life guards and the other one was one of her friends from swim team. The two of them are often on the stand together when J decides to tests his boundaries.

One rule clearly states "no horseplay". That is a very vague term, and J will do anything he can to get these poor life guards to define that term. Last year he continued to toss Pickle in the air. He was trying to toss him over the swim team banner that hangs across the pool. The good news is that he did it and Pickle never needed to go to the emergency room. The bad news is he tried a second time and this time the banner came down with the boy. Pooker and this same friend were working that day last year. I thank them for not kicking him out of the pool.

So J starts a little train. It was probably because he was the only adult in the water and so the kiddos came to play. I was told they had a huge train going and I needed to check it out. I was deep in conversation and didn't make it over to the pool in time. I eventually got over to the pool during the life guard break, so no kiddos are left in the water. As I walk over I am greeted by lots of smiling faces telling me all about this crazy train and the whirl pool effect in the water. I don't believe them, the pool is just too big to create a whirlpool by walking around in circles. I loved doing that in the small pools as a child but this is huge pool.

The guards blow the whistle and let the kiddos back in. I was told that the train had been up to 28 people and J looked so tired. The kiddos all dove into the water and swam right up to him. They wanted to try to "Break the Record". The chain got longer and longer. We even had some moms with toddlers join in. The train included a rubber duck, a baby being pulled in a floatation device, J holding Cowboy and around 30 kiddos.

This still wasn't long enough. The kiddos then turn on the life guards and demand that they close the diving board. This would then limit the activity of the other 15 children in the pool. All but 3 of those joined in and the new train began to grow. It circled all the way around the pool.

Great news: a new record was set. The train was long enough to include 43 people. J's legs were so tired at the end of the day but everyone had a blast.

Only my husband!! I just love this guy. He is crazy, fun and sometimes too goofy. I tried to give him a kiss during the next adult swim. He is just so cute when he is playing with the kiddos. I had the whistle blown on me. Apparently the pool is a no PDA zone. Why can he break the place and I just try one innocent kiss and I get in trouble.


  1. Way Cool Jason... wish we were there to join in the fun.

    The Walkers

  2. How fun! And I'm sure that they only blew the whistle on you Neen because they were so jealous!! LOL

  3. I don't know it was Dani that blew the whistle on me.


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